The “88 Keys” fundraising website is designed to help your institution achieve your goal of owning a Steinway piano(s). This intuitive and dynamic website can serve as a landing page for your fundraising initiatives and promotions, making it easy for you to connect with donors. The website will have a customized URL, for example, www.

We can even process donations directly into your Paypal account. The piano has 88 keys; donors may select a key(s) they would like to purchase and submit their contact information and donation, no need to mail you a check or deal with trying to track down your donations. Once a donor selects the key and submits the form, we can add their name and disable the key. Donors can even write how they would like their name to appear in case the key is from multiple donors.

A person from the organizations’ administration will be made the contact or point person.  If there are questions from donors, a notification email will be sent directly to them.

The following are items you will need to create the site:

  • Domain name for the URL (How you would like your name to appear after
  • Organization logo
  • Organization’s website URL, phone number, and email address
  • Disclaimer
  • Organization website editor’s email address (the person who will be receiving an email notification)
  • Organization photos or fundraising video you wish to have featured on the website

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