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Best Beginner Pianos Under $6,000

Best Beginner Pianos Under $6,000

While many beginners start shopping for a used piano, most quickly find out that used piano prices are about the same as a good new piano from a reputable piano store. This is especially true once moving, tuning, and repair costs are factored in.

The most common requests we get from people shopping for a beginner’s piano are:

  • a durable piano
  • one that inspires the student to practice
  • one that looks nice
  • a monthly payment about the same as a cable TV bill

Over the course of every year, we audition and inspect every piano offered by every major manufacturer – even brands we don’t sell – to find the absolute best values available. In this category, we’re looking for pianos that are well-built and well-designed, fit all of the above criteria, and cost about the same as good used pianos.

Top Pianos for 2016

small-EUP-111ESteinway & Sons-designed ESSEX EUP-111 Studio

By sticking with construction methods similar to their high-end Steinway & Sons piano, they’ve really created something special with the Essex. The all-wood action is noticeably more responsive than similarly-priced pianos by others who all use synthetic plastic parts. And unlike the bright, sometimes harsh sound of competitors in the price range, the Essex is clear yet warm, due to its lower-tension design and tapered soundboard. 

Real world experience is showing that these pianos hold up better over the years, too. Steinway & Sons even offers their Steinway Promise – invest in any Essex piano and they’ll guarantee full trade-in toward a Steinway within 10 years.

And if you’re looking for something amazing, you should be able to find the EUP111 in its gorgeous Sapele Mahogany finish – an upgrade from the standard ebony – within this same budget.

small-EUP_108C_black closeupSteinway & Sons-designed ESSEX EUP-108 Console

Basically, this is the EUP-111’s little brother with all of the key features: all-wood action, lower-tension design, and tapered soundboard.

It’s the perfect alternative if you like the EUP-111 but are on a tighter budget. Keep in mind that, because of its smaller cabinet design, it can be a little cramped for larger adults.

vertical_PV118sPramberger PV-118S Studio

These remarkable uprights are difficult to find, but well worth the effort. Its voice is more similar to the really good European stuff, but at a fraction of the price.

The JS-115 also features a great all-wood action, lower-tension scale design, and a handy slow-fall keyboard cover – just in case any little fingers decide to wander.

All of the piano above are well-built, backed by the manufacturers for ten full years, and incorporate the most important construction features, as well as including a matching storage bench.

We also include a pre-delivery tuning, follow-up tuning in your home after the piano settles in, and our exclusive lifetime trade-up guarantee.

At Steinway & Sons, Madison, we offer a wide range of pianos for every player, song, and budget. Visit us soon to find your perfect piano.

About prices: Since this information is intended to help piano shoppers in our market, we used as our guide new and used piano prices that consumers are actually paying in our market. With our lower overhead costs, it’s common for our prices to be much lower than in other parts of the country.


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