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Best Baby Grand Pianos under $15,000

Best Baby Grand Pianos under $15,000

Group-of-Kids-with-PianoThe shortage of good quality, used baby grand pianos and recent increases in used baby grand piano prices sent us on a mission to find the absolute best values on the market. And we found some really good news.  While most of the used baby grands for sale need expensive rebuilding work, some piano manufacturers are taking advantage by improving quality and lowering their new piano prices.

We have spent the last year auditioning and inspecting every baby grand piano we could get our hands on.  Here are our top picks for quality of construction, how fun they are to play, and overall value for the dollar.

Top Baby Grand Pianos for 2016

small-EGP_155C_Bubinga_1Steinway & Sons Essex EGP-155 Baby Grand

This phenomenal little piano is based on the Steinway & Sons Model S Baby Grand. In fact, they measure the exact same length. And while the Essex didn’t quite perform at the level of the New York built Steinway, at one-fifth the price, it outperformed every other piano in its class.

Before going under the hood, just pressing the keys on the Essex is invigorating. It is easy to play softly. It’s easy to play loud. The notes pop clearly, even when playing with lots of pedal.  The response of the all-hardwood action reminded the reviewers of playing some well rebuild Steinways from the 1940s, only at a fraction of the cost.

Under the hood, the Solid Spruce Tapered Soundboard allows the piano’s rich tone to come effortlessly from the Essex Baby Grand. In addition to making the pianos last longer, Steinway’s lower-tension scale design allows the strings to resonate longer giving the piano a smooth, subtle sustain when playing with pedal.

Steinway was also nice enough to offer some beautiful cabinet option in addition to the traditional High Polished Ebony.  Without a doubt, the Essex Baby Grand is an unbeatable piano.

grand_PS157_large1Pramberger PS-157 Classic Grand

At 5’2″ the Pramberger is not technically not a “baby grand” but it will fit in all the same spaces. Those not familiar with the brand are in for a real treat.

As a bonus, while their competitors are using more and more synthetic parts in their pianos, the Pramberger’s remarkably well-designed all-hardwood action feels amazing perfect for younger players developing their technique or more accomplished pianists who want to have fun.

The tone is warm yet clear, more like the German Bechstein than the harsh sounding German Schimmel piano. Duplex scale definitely cleans up the tone of this affordable piano; a feature noticeably absent from most of the other pianos we auditioned.

Pramberger also offers more options than just high-polish black, which is usually the only option companies offer in their lowest price pianos. The Ebony Satin finish is perfect for historic homes. Their Walnut finish adds warmth to any room. The stunning ribbon pattern of Mahogany is truly unique and elegant.

grand_LG157_largePramberger LG-157 Classic Grand

The Legend Series by Pramberger is based on the same scale design as the Signature Series reviewed above, but with some differences designed to bring down the price without compromising quality. All Pramberger pianos, including Legend Series and Signature Series, are built in the same factory.

The grade of soundboard spruce is noticeably better and the cabinets are finished better – with beveled lids and upgraded hardware – on the Signature Series. Still, the LG-157 is a great looking piano that is well-built and fun to play.  It’s a solid choice for beginners, more casual players, or anyone looking for an attractive and great sounding player piano on a budget.

Finding a great baby grand piano has never been easier. All models listed above are available at our showroom.

All of the pianos above are well-built, backed by the manufacturers for ten full years, and incorporate the most important construction features, as well as including a matching storage bench.

We also include a pre-delivery tuning, follow-up tuning in your home after the piano settles in, and our exclusive lifetime trade-up guarantee.

At Steinway & Sons, Madison, we offer a wide range of pianos for every player, song, and budget. Visit us soon to find your perfect piano.

About prices: Since this information is intended to help piano shoppers in our market, we used as our guide new and used piano prices that consumers are actually paying in our market. With our lower overhead costs, it is common for our prices to be much lower than in other parts of the country.


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