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Best Pianos Under $9,000

Best Pianos Under $9,000

There are some remarkable values available today for piano shoppers looking for more performance out of an upright piano. Our top picks in this category all offer high-end features like tapered soundboards, all-hardwood actions, and rich low tones, combined with quality grand piano-like construction.

Top Pianos for 2016

small-BostonPE_UP118SBOSBoston UP118S Performance Edition Studio (designed by Steinway & Sons)

This is basically the same piano as Steinway’s UP118E Boston model, but in a lower price cabinet that’s designed – like the piano’s insides – for heavy institutional use. If you can live without the UP118E’s slow-fall keylid, high-polish finish, and shiny brass casters, you can expect to save thousands of dollars. The smartly-designed UP118S effortlessly outperforms all competitors with a Steinway-like responsiveness that seems to sense exactly how you want to play.

Its brilliantly simply-designed music desk can easily accommodate five sheets of music! Enjoy keeping your fingers on the keys instead of turning pages when preparing for recital or competition.

As a testament to Steinway & Sons’ confidence in their lower price pianos, this Boston model – like all Bostons – is also backed by the Steinway Promise, guaranteeing full trade-in value if you decide to upgrade to a grand later.

The UP118S sounds amazing and is responsive, is built like a tank, and – most importantly – is fun to play. For the money, this piano is an easy choice.

small-EUP-123EK-ES-Full-Piano-Stainless-0812Essex EUP123 Studio (designed by Steinway & Sons)

This 48″ studio offers something unique.  Full-size studio performance with style. In addition to the standard Ebony Polish finish available from, well, everybody, the Essex EUP123 (the letter at the end of the model number indicates the case design) comes in eight amazing case and finish options that still keep your budget in check, including a beautiful Sapele Mahogany and French decor inspired cabinet. Looking for that classic used-piano look with new piano performance? Then you have got to meet this piano.

Whichever finish you choose, the Essex EUP123’s clarity throughout the entire compass is truly remarkable, singing with an inspiring tone.

Like all Steinway pianos, The Essex EUP123 has all of the earmarks of quality: all-hardwood action, tapered solid spruce soundboard, and low-tension scale design. A great representative of Steinway’s 160+ year commitment to building incredible pianos, the EUP123 feels and sounds fantastic and is built far better than its competitors.

Essex EUP116 Studio (designed by Steinway & Sons)

This “little brother” of the EUP123 has a slightly smaller soundboard and shorter strings, but offers more flexibility in style that works well when looks are as important as performance. In other words, it’s built to the same standards as the larger models, but comes in more than a dozen impressive studio and console styles in Sapele Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry finishes.  No other piano builder today offers so many options that look so good.

Depending on the size of the room, many players will not notice a difference between this and the EUP123. If your ears like both pianos equally, it’s safe to let your eyes make the decision.

Any of these models are perfect for the beginning or more advanced player and offer value beyond any other pianos in their class. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite.

All of the pianos above are well-built, backed by the manufacturers for ten full years, and incorporate the most important construction features, as well as including a matching storage bench.

We also include a pre-delivery tuning, follow-up tuning in your home after the piano settles in, and our exclusive lifetime trade-up guarantee.

At Steinway & Sons, Madison, we offer a wide range of pianos for every player, song, and budget. Visit us soon to find your perfect piano.

About prices: Since this information is intended to help piano shoppers in our market, we used as our guide new and used piano prices that consumers are actually paying in our market. With our lower overhead costs, it’s common for our prices to be much lower than in other parts of the country.


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    Apr 22, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    I have a grand piano in walnut it was made for the 1984 Olympics b the cabinet was made by Kimball the workings by Dusendorpf (spelling) in mint condition with excellent action of the keys I would like to sell it can you recommend how?


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