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Design Tips for Pianos in the Home

Design Tips for Pianos in the Home

As your go-to stop for new and used pianos and all their service elements, we run into a pretty common question at Steinway Madison: Where do I put my piano in my home? Let’s look at a few of our most basic design tips for pianos in the home from both a sound and aesthetics standpoint.

Selecting a beautiful grand or baby grand piano from our wide array of options is one step, but figuring out how it will mesh with the rest of your interior design is a hand-in-hand process that often adds complexity.

Room Scheme

Most of our grand pianos are primarily black and white in their color scheme, and if this is the direction you’re going, you’ll mostly want these same colors in the area where you place the piano in your home. Wall tiles and pictures are a great way to hammer home a regal-looking color scheme, and then using bright or contrasting colors in a slightly adjacent area – say, across the room – is a perfect way to accent it.

For some rooms, an alternate piano to the typical scheme and shape might be perfect. Certain more old-fashioned styles could lend themselves perfectly to oak- or wood-stained pianos, or even to creative alternately shaped pianos.


Most grand pianos are generally best in a room with tiled flooring. This allows a more formal presentation than carpet, and sound concerns here are often wildly overblown. As a great compromise, especially in rooms where full tile would get too cold for guests in certain months, place the piano itself on tile but add to the design with appropriate rugs in adjacent locations.

Use the Top Space

That flat space on the top of the piano isn’t sacred ground – use it to enhance your style even further. These surfaces are perfect for picture frames or collections, and can be a great way to show off your family. Just make sure they aren’t at risk of dropping due to piano vibrations or foot traffic near the piano.

Integrate With Existing Décor

It’s important to consider a few of these elements before you come to Steinway & Sons to make your selection. There’s no sense in plopping down a traditional black-and-white piano in a room with nothing but a colorful red design, for example, and figuring out which design elements you want to prioritize in advance will make your shopping experience that much easier.

Want to learn more about this or any of our exquisite piano services? Speak to the experts at Steinway & Sons today.