Essex Pianos

A lower-cost piano for musicians and families, the Essex piano is designed by Steinway, manufactured globally, and incorporates Steinway & Sons’ latest design specifications and engineering standards, as well as the Steinway commitment to excellence developed over 160 years of quality craftsmanship. Every Essex grand and upright is inspected by a team of highly experienced Steinway & Sons trained technicians before it leaves the factory.

The Essex incorporates the latest design and engineering enhancements from Steinway’s dedicated research and development team. By utilizing specially engineered materials, large-scale production techniques, and carefully selected manufacturing environments, the Essex is able to deliver a level of musical performance previously unattainable in its price range.

With the Essex piano, you get more than the best possible value for your money. You also enjoy complete investment assurance, as each Essex piano is backed by Steinway & Sons and serviced by Steinway–trained technicians. Your purchase is also backed by the Steinway Promise: If you decide to trade-in your Essex piano for a new Steinway grand piano at any time within ten years, you will receive a trade-in credit equal to your original purchase price.

The Essex has been created as a tribute to the idea that beautiful piano styles and finishes can and should be possible in every price range. With elegant traditional styling and museum-quality finishes, Essex will be a stunning addition to your home. And it is available in an array of models, sizes, and veneers to fit every décor and every lifestyle.  They are perfect for the beginner and also particularly suitable for piano teachers.

Essex Uprights & Grands

Essex Uprights

Completely designed by Steinway & Sons, Essex upright pianos are offered in a stunning array of sizes, styles, and finishes. Though they have many different looks, what they all have in common is extremely important.

First, they all produce a tone that is reminiscent of their Steinway design—a tone that is superior to what is typically expected from a upright piano—due in part to the innovative design of the solid-spruce soundboard that is found in every model. Second, they feature a keyboard that is extremely responsive: again, due to the geometry of the Steinway-designed, all-wood action. And third, these pianos are built to last, as vividly demonstrated by their massive, staggered backposts which are placed precisely where they need to be placed in order to most effectively handle the tremendous tensions that are found on any acoustic piano.

Essex Grands

Due to the Steinway–designed rim shape, Essex grand pianos are wider at the tail than most other pianos of the same length. This allows for a larger soundboard area, producing a richer sound. The Steinway–designed soundboard is tapered, rather than uniformly thick, to vibrate more freely and provide more tonal volume.

Essex pianos have a Steinway–designed, all wood (no plastic) action for proven durability and heightened responsiveness and control. In addition, all Essex pianos feature a Steinway–designed pinblock, strings, plate, backposts/braces, and bridges, as well as many Steinway–specified parts and manufacture procedures. As a result, the Essex is, quite simply, the best piano available in its price range today.



All wood used for making parts is naturally cured and kiln dried to the precise moisture content specified to assure precision and long life. Grand piano rims and upright case components are laminated Philippine mahogany for stability, strength and long life. Computer-designed radiating grand braces of laminated Philippine mahogany provide stronger, triangular support compared to parallel designs. Uprights similarly employ staggered backposts. This rigid support increases tuning stability, soundboard crown retention and piano life as well as producing richer, fuller tone than other pianos.


Essex pianos feature an all wood (no plastic) action for proven durability and heightened responsiveness and control and an angled whippen heel for faster repetition. Rosette-shaped, extruded aluminum action rails and flanges mean increased stability and less frequent regulation. Steinway-specified hammers made with premium-grade felt and metal fasteners deliver optimum performance from the Essex piano scale design. Piano keys are spruce, and are individually balanced (grands) and weighted.


Solid (not laminated) premium grade, straight-grained spruce with a minimum of 8 annual growth rings per inch (3 per cm.) for proven superior tone quality. Tapered, rather than uniformly thick, to vibrate more freely and provide more tonal volume. Specially designed closing rims make the upright soundboard irregular in shape (more like a grand), and improve its acoustical properties. Soundboard ribs are of spruce and are fully let-in to a notched liner (uprights) and the rim (grands) to support the soundboard crown and prevent the piano from losing its tone.


Steinway-designed Rim Shape: Essex grand pianos are wider at the tall than most other pianos of the same length. This allows a larger soundboard area, 6% larger, which produces a richer sound. Steinway-designed tension scaling results in longer sustaining tone and longer life of the whole piano. Steinway-patented duplex scaling adds harmonic dimension and longer sustain to the tone.


Hard Maple, layered multi-directionally, grips tuning pins from several directions to assure a tight fit, uniform pressure, and smoother tuning. Bass strings wound with solid copper, and Roslau treble string wire of the highest grade steel provide superior tone. “Overstringing” allows maximum speaking length of bass strings.


Computer-designed grand bracing system and upright back assembly provide a solid, stable platform for the soundboard. Radial bracing on the grands and staggered backposts on the uprights concentrate bending stiffness where the majority of strings are. The overall strength and mass of these systems create a solid foundation for the strength and beauty of the Essex tone.

We bought a beautiful upright Essex. The salesman Tom was very knowledgeable about the different pianos and their sounds. Deb in the business office was easy to work with. Steinway’s price beat another dealer’s price for a similar piano by several thousand dollars. The delivery men were professional and courteous. We can’t wait to use our piano and expect to have it for many years.

— Kathryn Mulvihill