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Explore PNOmation

Explore PNOmation

PNOmation II by QRS is easy to use, sounds fantastic, and best of all, invisible!

Easily controlled by universal remote, smartphone or a tablet, this state-of-the-art technology makes your piano the heart of your home entertainment system.

Instead of ripping, streaming, or syncing, PNOmation II stores the entire library of music everything from Frank Sinatra to Diana Krall to Billy Joel to Michael Bublé – right in its own virtual cloud.  No need to waste time shuffling and ripping CDs; just sit back and be the life of the party!

In addition to being the quietest and easiest player piano system to use, PNOmation includes its entire library – thousands of titles and artists spanning all genres – for free for the first ninety days. Then, we give you hundreds and hundreds of the most popular selections to start your collection. You can easily sample and add additional albums to your library at anytime.

We can make any piano a Cloud Player Piano. Visit our gallery for a fun and free demonstration of PNOmation II.


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