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Find Your Perfect Piano: Jenny’s Story

When Jenny came to Steinway & Sons in Madison, she knew exactly what she wanted: She wanted a truly great, historical grand piano. She wanted it to be beautiful and she wanted it to play well enough that her brother-in-law, who was a professional piano tuner, would give his approval. And she wanted it all for under $3,000.

In other words, she wanted the impossible.

Ben Garber, store owner, was accustomed to customers giving him a price point and a description of what they were hoping for. He had helped many people find a piano that way. But a beautiful—in appearance and sound—grand piano for $3,000? That was a tall order.

Ben listened to Jenny’s enthusiastic request and then he countered with some information of his own. Ben believes the best way to help customers find what they really want is to first listen so he understands what is important to them and second to educate them on some of the trade-offs they might encounter. He especially believes it’s important to be completely honest and straightforward with customers—explaining the strengths and weaknesses of all pianos so that they can make an informed decision.

Ben didn’t have a piano in the store that fit Jenny’s dream, but he told her he would keep an eye open for something that might work for her. Before long, Ben came across something promising—a 50-year-old Mason & Hamlin piano. It was beautiful—to look at. But it wasn’t truly beautiful sounding—yet. Ben called Jenny to discuss what he’d found.

Jenny was thrilled and came into the store immediately. There she and Ben talked through the options. Ben explained all the work that could be done to the piano to bring it to its full potential. But he also explained that the cost associated with doing that much work would put the piano out of Jenny’s price range. He laid out some other options—ways to get the piano in solid working order with a lovely—although not perfect—sound. Ben and Jenny agreed on a plan of action and Ben began work. When he was done, Jenny was thrilled with the outcome. And even her brother-in-law approved.

If you want help finding your perfect piano, come in and speak with Ben. He’s happy to discuss options and possibilities to help you find the piano that’s just the right fit for your home.