Though we specialize in the Steinway & Sons Family of pianos (including Boston and Essex pianos), we also carry new Roland pianos and keyboards. Prefer to purchase a used piano? Not a problem. At Steinway & Sons Madison, we offer a large selection of quality used pianos for all budgets. Whether you are a beginning student or a professional artist, we have a piano or keyboard that suits your budget and musical style.

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The Steinway & Sons name has been synonymous with the finest pianos since 1853. A high level of traditional craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail, and premium grade materials are attributes of every instrument handcrafted in New York and Hamburg. In addition to being the finest producer of baby grand pianos in Wisconsin and the rest of the world, Steinway is also known for its world-renowned Boston and Essex pianos, which means that we offer the highest quality pianos for every possible budget.

Did you know that a Steinway grand piano consists of more than 12,000 single pieces and that handcrafting a Steinway requires up to one full year? More than 1,600 concert pianists are Steinway Artists, an unpaid endorsement program, which means that they choose to play on Steinway pianos.  For the private music lover, the purchase of a Steinway is the fulfillment of a long-lasting dream.

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A piano is an extremely intricate musical piece, with tens of thousands of moving components—that’s more than you will find in your car—so there are occasions when things can go wrong, even for the highest quality crafted pianos. Fortunately, we offer piano repair services and we stand behind all the pianos that we sell with a lifetime trade-up guarantee.


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The Steinway & Sons line is a premium brand designed by Heinrich Engelhard Steinway, one of the most respected piano designers in the world. Today, modern Steinway models employ many unique technologies to produce the warm, round American piano sound, including diaphragmatic soundboard, accelerated action, and hexagrip pinblock.

Our inventory consists of digital pianos, grand pianos, and baby grand pianos in Wisconsin, and our goal is to provide superior sounding pieces that don’t carry the intimidating price tag you will find at some of our competitors.

Steinway & Sons, Madison is a family owned business. Ben Garber and his wife Jung Won Lim, and their two children Mena and Alexa all share a passion for music. “We want to create a lasting place in the community that shares music and learning about music,” Ben says. Ben was born in Milwaukee, grew up in Waukesha and lived in Madison for 5 years while attending UW-Madison. Ben is a piano teacher, a piano technician and a piano performer. He holds Masters degrees in piano performance and piano technology, has been teaching for 25 years and has also been an independent piano tuner for the past 20 years. He previously worked for Steinway in Houston, Texas and for Forbes-Meagher music in Madison. “I enjoy talking with and helping customers the most,” Ben shares. “I feel best when I know that our customers are happy and are receiving the best customer service possible.