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Important Factors in Used Piano Purchasing

Important Factors in Used Piano Purchasing

At Steinway & Sons in Madison, we offer a robust selection of beautiful, well-kept used pianos for your selection. Our products come in fantastic condition, and are guaranteed to last you and your family years regardless of usage.

What are some of the key factors that should go into your decision as you look around for a used piano? Here are a few keys.


Set your budget in advance, and know the general price range of the type of piano you’ll be looking for. While condition and age will obviously affect these prices in a large way, some general price ranges by type include:

  • Spinet (36 inches high): $500 to $1,000
  • Console: (42 inches high): $800 to $1,500
  • Studio (45 to 48 inches high): $1,200 to $3,500

The price of the actual piano might not be your only cost, however, depending on your moving situation. Factor this into your budget, and make sure you have a limit that you stick to – it can be easy to become enamored by the wonderful products you’re seeing.

Future Value

Another important value consideration relates to the potential future value of the piano. Pianos have a long and useful shelf life, which means that if you take proper care of yours, you should be able to recoup much of the value you spent on it a few years down the line. Our technicians can give you a good idea of the expectations you should carry for a particular brand or type of piano, which will inform this sort of decision.

Used, Not Overused

You’re looking for a used piano, not one that’s been run in the ground. Many older upright pianos have very little value or usefulness after a certain age, and some private sellers will offer them for next to nothing. This isn’t an issue at Steinway & Sons, where all our pianos have gone through rigorous testing and maintenance before they ever hit our floor, but it’s a good item to know in case you’re ever dealing with a private seller.

Want to learn more about important factors in purchasing a used piano, or any of our other services? Speak to the experts at Steinway & Sons today.