May Berlin Piano Summary: Low-quality build, poor tuning stability/voicing

These pianos are high-tension design pianos built by Toyama, a Chinese company that also owns a chain of music stores. May Berlin is their ‘house brand’ piano – only found in their stores in China and low-end piano dealerships in other countries. They are sold to dealerships based on being one of the highest margin piano brands in the world. Craftsmanship is in line with the low-end Chinese built Kawai pianos (they’re made in the same factory) and low-end Pearl River pianos and it is reasonable to expect similar life spans (10-15 years).

By entering into an agreement with Schimmel, they claim Germain heritage, however, there are no interchangeable parts between a Schimmel and their pianos.

These pianos can sound ok in the store, but the combination of low-quality build and high-tension design result in tuning stability and voicing problems in a very short amount of time. Due to lack of endurance, we do not purchase or resell any new or used May Berlin pianos.

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