We would love to be your primary resource to your school for everything piano. We are happy to answer questions you have, advise you on any concerns or trouble that arise, offer new and used pianos for purchase, and offer our services to you. Our services include tuning, repairs, restorations, moving, and piano lessons. In addition, as a school, we would love to offer you a special discount to help you meet your needs at the most reasonable rates.

On-Site Piano Maintenance

We are happy to do all your piano maintenance at your school, including tuning, appraisals, adjustments, and repairs. Our expert technicians will do a full inspection of your piano upon any service to ensure your piano is working in its best condition. They will be able to identify any issues and give you solutions to resolve these issues. Several issues to watch out for are buzzing pianos, keys sticking (not coming back up fast enough if at all), pianos falling out of tune very quickly, and damaged/dirty keys. Our technicians take pride in performing a full and thorough service, without cutting any corners and promising to fully fix issues as they arise. This ensures the quality of your piano will not be compromised in any way. Your school’s assets and investments deserve the full care of a detail-oriented technician.

School Discounts

Your local Steinway & Sons Madison is determined to get you the piano you want at a price you can afford. That is why we are offering you premium discounts for our services including:

  • New and used piano purchases
  • Single piano tuning and even greater discount when tuning multiple pianos
  • Any piano repair or restoration
  • Piano lesson tuition for students
  • Piano books for students

The Steinway 88 Keys Program

This program teams up with an authorized Steinway dealer and gives you the opportunity to test your new piano in your own space. This eliminates any uncertainty of how the piano will look, sound, or behave in your desired location and allows for the most confident decision making possible.
While fundraising, you may select the desired donation value of each key. Any individual or group of donors can team up to donate the value of one key. Alternatively, a generous donor may elect to donate multiple keys or even a whole octave. We recommend holding this fundraiser approximately four to six weeks.

Fundraising Concert

A concert is another great way to gather the funds you need. Ideally, your authorized Steinway dealer could help you find a Steinway Artist to support your cause. If this does not work out, you can still find other well-known or local performers to give a performance.
The process is simple. First, identify a good venue for the concert to be held. Next, make sure you have a good piano, programs, and any food/beverages you want to provide. Finally, advertise your event to maximize the number of people attending your performance. You could even do a meet-and-greet for larger scale performers to help raise even more funds.

“Kids for Keys”

If your music students need a little extra motivation to practice, now they have it. What if your students’ hard minutes of practice raised money towards a brand new piano? Now this can be a reality for your school. Here is how it works: First, have students find sponsors to support the fundraiser. Next start by determining the goal number of hours practiced. From there, determine how much you want sponsors to donate per hour practiced. Come to an agreement with the sponsor before starting the program. Once both parties agree, the students practice diligently until they reach the number of hours pledged. Once this is achieved, they will receive the donation money from their sponsors.
Let’s give a hypothetical example: Your students find sponsors, then propose for every $20 pledged, a student will practice for one hour. Lets say 100 students each get 5 sponsors to pledge $20 for one hour of practice. That means the students will have raised $10,000 just from practicing. That’s a lot of extra good practice for the students and lots of money saved for the school. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


You play such a crucial role in the future of our society, as there is no understating how important education is. Education is very important to us, just like it is to you. Our store consists of technicians and piano players that are passionate about helping you understand everything piano-related. You deserve to know how pianos work and why they behave the way they do. You, your school, and your students are the top priorities.