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PNOscan (Pianoscan)

PNOscan (Pianoscan)

PNSTop1This remarkable technology turns any traditional acoustic piano into a digital hybrid piano while preserving the authentic touch and response of keys moving hammers.

PNOscan is at the heart of today’s most advanced Silent Piano system, plus it offers more!

  • Compose – Simply connect your piano to any smartphone, iPad, tablet, or smartphone and digitally record your creation to a versatile MIDI file. PNOscan is compatible with Pro Tools, Finale, Cakewalk, GarageBand and hundreds of other apps and programs.
  • Practice – Just plug in any set of headphones and play without anyone else hearing – a great aid when new students are learning to play.
  • Explore – PNOscan works with any MIDI compatible Music Education program or app, including Symphonix, PianoTutor, GarageBand, 50in1 Piano HD, and thousands more.
  • More Instruments – PNOscan and your iPad, tablet, smartphone, or computer turn any piano into a hybrid piano with as many sounds, rhythms, and sequences as you can imagine.

Sound too good to be true? Visit our piano experts and see for yourself how fun and flexible a piano becomes with PNOscan!


  1. Steve
    Sep 14, 2015 at 6:00 am

    Hi I am looking to buy a used PNOscan 1 or 2 sensor strip.
    Can you help?


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