Genuine Rebuilding by Experienced Craftsman

When it comes to quality rebuilt pianos, it is important to consider where the work is done and who is doing it. Did you know a rebuild by a non-Steinway technician or shop can de-value your heirloom instrument?

New parts need to be 'regulated' to create a consistent feel and sound across the entire compass of the piano

Due to the cost and the complexity of each rebuild, there is no point in rebuilding cheaper mass-produced pianos, and it makes perfect sense to rebuild Steinways or have them restored in the New York factory where they have the technology, expertise, and tools to do the job right.

We are the only authorized Steinway dealer in Madison and the surrounding area to be able to schedule a complete, factory-certified restoration of your piano through the Astoria, New York factory. Don’t trust your heirloom instrument to another company, who may use non-Steinway parts and methods.

We can have your piano rebuilt right – the first time, without the danger of devaluating your Steinway.

From soundboards to hammers, these pictures point out some of the most important differences between our genuine rebuilt or restored pianos and other rebuilt pianos you may see for sale.

For example, genuine Steinway tuning pins are shiny nickel, not blue. Gaps between hammers can cause a bright, shrill tone. Check the felt on the hammer rests in the photos below.

The original iron plate was stripped, repainted and detailed. The original soundboard was repaired to insure the piano would keep its warm, rich tone.

Genuine Steinway & Sons Parts

We feature a unique approach to rebuilding pianos. Of course, we have fantastic technicians with decades of experience. Still, a proper rebuild is the result of having qualified craftsmen, using the highest quality materials and doing the work in the proper environment.

And when it comes to rebuilding, time is money. The longer it takes to rebuild, the more it’s going to cost.
For more information about properly rebuilding your piano, contact Ben Garber.