Steinway pianos may be known internationally, but Steinway & Sons of Madison is 100% locally owned and operated. That means when you visit us you get the best of both worlds—pianos built with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is second to none no matter where you travel as well as individualized service tailored to meet the needs of people in our community.

At Steinway & Sons of Madison, our mission is not just to sell you a piano—it’s to help bring music into your life in the way that’s right for you. That’s because we believe in the power of music to transform lives. We believe it because we’ve seen it happen. We start by listening and learning what’s most important to you. Then, together, we discuss options. Our rich background in teaching, performing, repairing and maintaining pianos mean that we have a wider breadth of experience and understanding than any other piano store in the area that we can draw on to meet your needs. And we carry a diverse inventory—including upright, grand and baby grand Steinways as well as the very affordable Steinway-designed Boston and Essex pianos and digital Roland pianos. We also sell used pianos of other brands you know like Yamaha, Kawai and Baldwin among many others. What this means is that we have something for every budget and situation. We also stand behind all the pianos we sell with a lifetime trade-up guarantee.

So why not take that first step: stop by and talk to us? You might be surprised at what we can do for you.

Find Your Perfect Piano: Jenny’s Story

Jenny wanted the perfect piano—but she didn’t want to spend much to get it. In other words, she needed someone to make the impossible possible.

Jenny knew exactly what she wanted: a grand piano that would be a centerpiece for her home and play beautifully too. But she didn’t want to spend much money on it. In other words, she needed someone to make the impossible possible.

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Make Your Piano Sing Again: Susan’s Story

When Susan discovered she had been tricked to purchase a damaged, dysfunctional piano, she wondered if she could ever fulfill her dream of leaving a Steinway legacy to her niece.
Susan had always dreamed of owning her own Steinway piano but feared she could never afford it. When the perfect opportunity came along to purchase one, she snatched it up—only to find she had been tricked. She wondered if her dream had been shattered forever.

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Keep Up with the Latest Music Possibilities: Arthur’s Story

At age 80, Arthur could no longer travel to world-class piano performances. Instead, he found a way to bring them to him.
Ever since he was a boy growing up on a rural Wisconsin farm, Arthur loved listening to quality piano music. As he grew older though, Arthur could no longer travel to the world-class piano performances he had enjoyed for so many years. Instead, this 80-year-old turned to cutting edge music technology to find a way to bring them to him.

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Learn Your Own Tune: Amelia’s Story

Dependent on Braille music, Amelia needed a teacher not just to lead her down the standard music-making path—but to create a new path just for her.
Amelia was determined not to let being blind stop her from doing what she loved—play the piano. Still, learning new songs was frustrating and tedious because she needed her fingers to both read the music and play the notes. Amelia needed a teacher to not just lead her down the standard music-making path—but to create a new path just for her.

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Unlocking Her Song: Mena’s Story

For many people, music communicates the things they cannot say. For Mena, this is particularly true.

Ben Garber, owner of Steinway & Sons, has always believed music has the power to break down barriers and communicate what we can’t find words for. This took on a whole new meaning for him when music became the only way his daughter, Mena, could tell her story.

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