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Tips for Properly Storing Pianos

Tips for Properly Storing Pianos

As a premier piano store in Madison, we at Steinway & Sons are here to provide you with all the piano services you’re in need of. The well-known element of this is the sale and refurbishment of baby grand and grand pianos, only of the top quality available.

Pianos need to be transported and stored as well, however, and this is the part of our job that gets less attention – but is just as vital. In particular, many pianos can undergo issues during storage that might affect their value or function in the future. Let’s look at a few basic tips to make sure your piano doesn’t meet this fate.

Climate Control

Piano experts frequently stress the importance of storing pianos in climate-controlled units. Pianos are full of glued joints – the exact type of joints which can be damaged by a humid climate. Strings can also rust and corrode if they aren’t stored properly.

Many pianos stored in extreme temperatures will have major issues with tuning afterward. Cold environments cause pianos to go flat, where hot environments cause them to go sharp – both of these are costly repairs. Wood can contract or expand in certain temperatures as well. Luckily, there’s a simple rule of thumb here: If you’re comfortable, your piano likely will be also. The ideal temperature is between 65 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, with about 50 percent humidity.


When a piano is finished being moved or is coming out of long term storage, it should be tuned right away. This starts the process of increasing the tension in the strings to re-locate that perfect pitch, a process which may take longer the more time a piano has spent without use. Most experts agree that tuning before storage isn’t necessary, and all agree that climate control in storage will make tuning issues much easier on the other end.

Professional Movers

There are many reasons why pianos can be difficult to move, even beyond their raw weight. They’re unusual items – most people have little experience with their shapes and how to lift them properly. Pianos are often the most valuable object in your home, and placing your trust in professionals to get everything moved correctly is the right way to go if you have even moderate concerns about your ability to move a piano adequately.

At Steinway & Sons, we’re just the professionals you need. To learn more about our moving or other piano services, speak to one of our friendly staff members today.