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Use and Maintenance Tips for Digital Pianos

Use and Maintenance Tips for Digital Pianos

All new and used pianos require care and upkeep no matter their make or age, but the way you care for them may vary between styles. In particular, digital pianos require a few special bits of general care and maintenance to get the maximum lifespan out of them.

We stock many different digital piano options at Steinway & Sons in Madison, and we’re here to help you get the most out of all your piano products. Here are a few basic use and maintenance tips for digital pianos.

Location, Location, Location

Treat a digital piano just like you would any other piano, or any other piece of furniture – strongly consider the location. Digital pianos can be susceptible to damage from elements like heat, water and even humidity, so there are a few placement considerations to keep in mind: Don’t place the piano where it’s exposed to direct sunlight, or direct moisture, for one.

If you expect a lot of foot traffic in an area, don’t place the piano there. Also, avoid placing it near other electronic devices that emit heat, such as a computer or a stove. Keep the piano at least 15 feet away from these objects.


Improper plugging can cause accidents and long term damage to pianos. Don’t overload outlets by plugging the piano in alongside other high-power machines like a computer or microwave – in general, an outlet devoted just to the piano is recommended. Don’t leave cables lying around, and make sure you unplug the piano while it’s not in use (just be sure to turn it off first). In addition, make sure your outlet or surge protector is working properly.

The Right Cleaning

Digital pianos require specific kinds of cleaning. You can’t use wet cloth or water, and instead should use a simply dry cloth. Check manufacturer’s notes for any specific techniques needed, and be sure to wash your hands and dry them thoroughly first (you should also be doing this before anytime you play the piano).

Use and Protection

Using the piano properly will go a long way toward extending its lifespan. Don’t use it as a shelf, or as a dining table. Definitely don’t drink anywhere near it, and try not to lean on it often.

In addition, take protective measures when you can. Cover keys when they’re not in use to prevent dust buildup both inside and outside the piano, and take precautions against pets climbing on it. If you have small children, these precautions might go double for them.

To learn more about digital pianos, piano repair or any of our other services, contact the experts at Steinway & Sons today.